Jim's Back at it . . .
Check back soon for a new 3 single EP - I'm excited to be back in the studio!

Album Review from Christianity Today
Jim Murphy
Everything Changes
4 Stars

Style: piano pop

Top tracks: "Break Free," "Lay It All Down"

A fresh, uplifting sound and style, loaded with pristine production and piano grandeur in the vein of Mark Schultz.

Arkansas Baptist Article
Check out the interview with Jim in Arkansas Baptist News. Click here for the PDF.

You Are God is now playing nationwide. Have a listen in the player below. Click here to order your copy!

Jim's previous 3 singles all achieved top 20 status with 2 reaching the top 10 on the national charts. For more information
regarding this release please visit www.missionhousemusic.com

New relationship with Compassion International

Recently Jim partnered with Compassion International to speak at concerts and events regarding this wonderful organization. Jim states" What a great and just cause it is to help the least of these. "My prayer is that my relationship
with Compassion International will not only prove fruitful for the organization but most importantly for the Kingdom of God
and that our combined efforts will move us one step closer to ending world Hunger and poverty." For more information on Compassion International please visit the advertisment found below or www.compassion.com.

CMCentral Album Review of Jim Murphys "Everything Changes"

Mission House Music is the aptly-titled label behind Jim Murphy's sophomore project; both the label and the artist seem to center their energies on the mission first, with an openly Christ-first focus to their projects. Which is not to say the music doesn't matter. Adult Contemporary lovers will greatly enjoy Murphy's pop songs and inspirational bent. Click here for full story.

CCM Buzz Album Review Jim Murphy "Everything Changes"
- CCM Buzz has a new review of Jim's new album. Click here to read all about it.

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