Back to the Bible to feature Jim Murphys Single
" Start All Over"

From Mission House Music
January 29th 2008
Nashville, TN

Jim Murphys new single "Start All Over" will be featured
February 4th-February 8th at ""

Mission House Music artist Jim Murphy second single "Start All Over" from his forthcoming album "Everything Changes" will be featured on Dr. Woodrow Krolls Website

The week long feature will begin February 4th and end February 8th and will give vistors to Dr. Krolls site a one time free download of the single as well as insight into the song and the Poem penned by Dr. Kroll.

For more information on this single or other information regarding Jim Murphy, please visit or contact "Everything Changes" is scheduled for release February 12th in the USA and is currently available for Pre-Order

" About the Song"

" Start all Over" is inspired from the inspirational poem "Start Over" by Dr. Woodrow Kroll of Back to the Bible. Dr. Kroll, President of "Back to the Bible", and his radio broadcasts are heard daily by millions of listeners here in the USA and around the globe.

Dr. Kroll, supports Murphy's and Writer/Arranger (Alan Farris') rethinking of the piece. According to Murphy, "Start all Over" is not only a rebirth of sorts for Kroll's poem but also a new look at a classic pillar of faith, the love of God. " 'Start All Over' gives a fresh but yet rather simple perspective of just how all-encompassing God's love really is," states Murphy. "Jesus' love will never forsake us. His arms are open wide and no matter what the circumstance, He is there, patiently waiting through all of our transgressions all we need do is turn to him."

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